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Swank Martini
Swank Martini has unique gift sets that are perfect for sending online. Free
shipping, Free gift cards, and Free Gift wrapping. We supplied the 2004 and
2005 Golden Globe Awards with Presenter Gifts. Yes Brad Pitt and Julia
Roberts drink from Swank Martini Glasses. 12% 1 tier, 3% 2nd tier
Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Programs
Gano VBrand Coffee
Gano Brand Coffee offers a delicious and healthy line of beverages containing
Ganoderma Lucidum (Red Mushroom).  Two-tier affiliate program pays
on the first tier and
10% on second tier sales. Program open to US and Puerto
Rico residents only.
Healthy Cup
Every month, Healthy Cup features a different tea related product that will help
make your tea experience an unforgettable one. Whether it's a special gift for
someone, or something to treat yourself, you'll always find new items every
month to make your tea experience a memorable one.  The two-tier affiliate
program pays
10%-30% on the first tier and 5%-20% on second tier sales.